Globall Coach At United Soccer Coaches Convention

Globall Coach have been in Chicago for the United Soccer Coaches Convention 2019. As well as exhibiting the brand new version 4 of our software, we underpinned all the demo field sessions put on by coaches with Globall Coach powered animations of each session shown on the big screen.

A large number of coaches from around the world conducted field sessions for the Convention, and Globall Coach was there to support each of these sessions.

Our team animated each field session, which was then shown on the big screen pitchside so that onlookers could follow what they were seeing being played out in front of them.

Below, you can see part of a session which was conducted by Celtic FC Academy coach Willie McNab.

Globall Coach can benefit coaches and clubs at all levels. If you’d like to learn more and set up a demonstration of the software, please get in touch here and we’ll get back to you with more information.

Paul Harper