Globall Coach Set Piece Of The Week - Manchester City

Each week, here at Globall Coach HQ, we will be choosing our favourite set piece from the week’s action which will form part of our ‘Tactico Tuesday’ weekly video feature (which you can find on our YouTube channel and social media platforms).

This week, we have selected a short corner routine used by Manchester City in their 5-0 rout over Cardiff City.

We have animated the routine and will show you our analysis underneath.

Looking at the initial set up, you could be forgiven to think that the ball would be played straight into the penalty area. City have three aerial targets around the penalty spot area, with two in the six yard box, but nobody immediately looking as a likely target for the short pass.

Gundogan then makes a run from deep to receive the short pass, and because it is unexpected, they created a 2 v 1 situation, giving them an advantage in the wide area.

That gives them a number of different possibilities and as you see from the video, Sane goes one way and then the other before delivering a front post cross to Bernardo Silva whose flick header loops over the goalkeeper and into the net at the far post.

A well planned and well executed set piece.

Globall Coach can be used to plan those set play ideas to give you a clear animation to communicate your ideas to your players. Interested in learning more about how we can help you? Get in touch (click here).

Paul Harper