Arsenal Quick Short Corner Routine

As you are all very well aware, here at Globall Coach, we love a good set piece. So when we see one, we like to break it down to show you how easy these routines can be animated using our software to show your players so they clearly understand their roles at free kicks and corners.

On Wednesday evening, Arsenal used a short corner routine to good effect as Danny Welbeck opened the scoring for them against Brentford in the Carabao Cup.

Below, we have broken down and animated the set play using Globall Coach, alongside the video.

As you see from the video, Arsenal took the corner quickly to catch the defence a little off-guard.

They created a 2 v 1 situation in the wide area before Monreal made the first move, from the edge of the penalty area to the front post area.

The remaining attackers made runs towards the six yard box and, with Brentford marking zonally, they were able to gain some momentum to give them an advantage when attacking the ball.

It was a good delivery and Welbeck got his head to it and sent the ball into the net. Well planned and well executed.

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Paul Harper