Isco's Stunning Free Kick Against AS Roma

As you will probably know, we love a good set piece here at Globall Coach HQ, so it is no surprise that we were very much impressed by Real Madrid’s Isco scoring from a direct free kick against AS Roma in the Champions League this week.

So, we have broken it down using Globall Coach in an animation (followed by the video of the goal) which you can see below.

From an attacking perspective, Real Madrid have three players over the ball, two right footed and one left footed, meaning the defence and goalkeeper are not sure of the likely direction of the ball.

Madrid also added two players on the end of the defensive wall, making it more difficult for the goalkeeper to get sight of the ball.

Defensively, AS Roma had a five-man wall. As the free kick was only just outside the penalty area, they will have thought that blocking a large part of the goal should make things more difficult for the taker, making them have to get the ball up over the wall and down quickly to find the net.

The five players in the wall jumped, so Roma also had a man behind the wall making a ‘long barrier’ (for those of you familiar with cricket fielding!) to block a shot should the taker fire in a low effort on goal.

Isco made the difficult skill of getting it up and down from a short distance look very easy as he placed a lot of top spin on the ball and curled it into the corner of the net. The goalkeeper was helpless as he probably didn’t see it until the ball flew over the wall and was past him before he could move.

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Paul Harper