Breakthrough! Coaches Can Use Globall Coach On The Touchline

Keeping one step ahead of your opponent in the dugout with visuals and information being communicated throughout the match

Coaches and managers in England and Scotland will be able to use Globall Coach on the touchline during matches on handheld devices from this season after governing bodies updated their laws.

Whilst teams have occasionally used handheld tablets in the dugout, they have been restricted with communicating live information. We expect the change in ruling to encourage more technical staff to utilise the technology available to them. 

Could this finally be the end of the infamous ringbinders? 

Not only are print outs out of date as soon as the referee's whistle goes, they're out of date from the time they are printed. When getting a message across, explaining variations and adaptations of a dynamic game in a static environment such as pen and paper has endless restrictions. 

Jose Mourinho and assistant with his ringbinder on the touchline

Jose Mourinho and assistant with his ringbinder on the touchline

Borrowing a term from our North American friends, Globall Coach will be utilised by technical teams as a visual playbook where tactical content such as team shape and set pieces can be presented in an animated environment backed up by chosen video clips. 

On the tablet, coaches can interact with the player marker to emphasise a coaching point whilst any animations and videos are moving. Keeping that dynamic environment. 

What can live data and communication during the match mean? 

Usually you'll see a coach with an ear piece in listening to an analyst with their greater vantage point, higher in the stands. With the update in the ruling, different forms of information are allowed to be communicated. 

Globall Coach being used on an iPad

Globall Coach being used on an iPad

Using a tablet, such as an Apple iPad or Windows Surface, animations drawn up in minutes that emphasise a tactical point can be synced across multiple devices, from a laptop in the stands to the tablet on the touchline. In addition, video clips can be communicated across devices, downloaded and viewed offline, important as a backup to always have the ability to access your chosen clips, instead of relying on internet access whilst the clock is ticking. 


To refer back to the dated ringbinders, Premier League stadiums are fitted with thousands of cameras, desperate to capture information from the coaches notes in the dugout. 

Bad news for photographers is that it's increasingly hard/impossible to capture what's on a tablet screen, keeping the key information in-house. 

The key is getting the message across, in a pressured environment, with limited time as well as possible. Globall Coach gives the power to coaches to be able to do so and we look forward to seeing it in action on the side of the field. 

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Paul Harper