Tactical Analysis: Chelsea v Manchester City (8/12/18)

Using the new Globall Coach version 4, backed up by some video clips, we’ll be analysing last weekend’s Premier League game between Chelsea and Manchester City and looking at some of the exciting new features available in the latest version of our software.

It was an interesting contest between two of the best teams in England, and in many ways, a game of two halves.

Let’s begin at the beginning, and the first 45 minutes of the game. Manchester City were on top, with their excellent work rate and press without the ball helping them win possession back and thus creating goalscoring opportunities.

In this example, we see City putting constant pressure on the man with the ball, making it difficult for Chelsea to play out and losing possession which put Pep Guardiola’s side on the front foot. And with the pace they have in the side, they were able to counter attack quickly and create chances on goal.

There were numerous examples of this throughout the first half. Chelsea were unable to break the City press when trying to play through the phases. They were playing in front of City, failing to break through, and were sloppy with the ball and so conceded possession and therefore conceded chances.

The key factor, though, was that Manchester City failed to take any of those chances.

One way to get past an effective press led to Chelsea’s first goal. Stuck in the left back area, the City attackers were strangling the short, simple options available to the man with the man. Instead, David Luiz went a bit more direct and played over the press which almost immediately reversed roles and put the City defence on the back foot.

Tactically, not too much changed from either side in the second half, but one noticeable change was Chelsea’s use of the ball - quicker and sharper, and they found ways to break through the City press which was functioning just as it had been in the first half.

They managed to keep the ball better and turn the City team to face their own goal a bit more, something which they didn’t look too comfortable in doing.

The example above shows the confidence gained from behind ahead in the game and doing what they were trying to do in the first half more effectively. This broke through the City press and helped them to create more goalscoring opportunities.

Their second goal came from a set piece. It appears that this is an area Maurizio Sarri has worked hard with his team on since taking over in the summer. We have seen a number of clever routines already this season, some which we have focused on in our video content (see below).

This time, they took advantage of Manchester City’s zonal marking. Antonio Rudiger and David Luiz start off at the back post area and move their way towards the near post, largely unchallenged as City’s defenders hold their ground to mark their allocated zone.

The delivery goes to the near post area where Chelsea have three players going for the ball against City’s two. And with the momentum of his run to that area, Luiz leaps higher than John Stones, who has had a standing jump, and diverts the ball into the net.

One cool new feature in Globall Coach version 4 is to do with the ‘raise’ of the ball. In the animation above, we have raised the ball from the corner to Luiz’s header and then from the header to the net to show the ball in the air.

This is not new, you were able to do this in version 3. But in v4, we can change the height of the ball in the air which a couple of simple clicks. So, if we want to show Hazard delivering a more floaty and looping delivery to the near post, we can increase the raise to show this really simply as shown below.

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Paul Harper