Introducing Globall Coach v4...

Globall Coach version 4 is edging nearer to its release to our clients and we’re excited about the latest developments in our software.

We’ll be showing you v4 in our video and social media content from hereon, with its new look and design.

One of the pieces of content we have created within v4 is a short corner which was cleverly worked by Viktoria Plzen in their Champions League match against Real Madrid (below).

Plzen set up with options to play short down the left channel, with options also inside the penalty area should they wish to put in an early delivery.

They work a 3 v 2 situation with clever movement from the server to get in behind the defence before putting a dangerous delivery into the danger zone which almost results in a goal.

Want to know more about version 4 and how Globall Coach can help your club and coaches? Get in touch (click here), it’ll be great to hear from you!

Paul Harper