Newcastle United Use Set Plays To Beat Burnley!

Newcastle United picked up a vital victory over Burnley in the Premier League on Monday evening, with both goals coming as a result of set pieces, so we have done a little break down of their second goal using Globall Coach version 4.

Here is the animation we created to show the goal, which came from a short corner routine.

This was the second of successive corners that Newcastle had, the first being directly played into the box by #11 Matt Ritchie. It was headed away, and so the second time around, they decided to give him a different angle for the delivery.

The set up in the penalty area is the same, with a man on the goalkeeper to prevent him coming off his line easily, and a bunch of four players who are tightly packed so they are difficult to pick up individually.

The change of the angle maybe surprises Burnley, who had comfortably managed to clear the first one away, with five attackers spreading across the width of the goal and a near post header by #2 Ciaran Clark finding its way in at the back post.

Globall Coach is used by a lot of clubs to underpin their set piece program, using the world leading animations to help to communicate their ideas to their players in a clear and concise way.

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Paul Harper