Tactical Preview - Portland Timbers v Sporting Kansas City

It’s the MLS Cup Play Offs Conference Finals 1st leg this weekend, with our focus on Portland Timbers ahead of their fixture against Sporting Kansas City. We’ll use Globall Coach’s brand new version 4 to show the defensive organisation of the Timbers.

During their Conference semi-final victory over Seattle Sounders, Portland showed some great defensive organisation with everyone knowing their role and working well as a unit.

With a narrow advantage from the first leg, the need to protect that lead and set up with two banks of four which were difficult to break down.

The defensive and midfield fours would very much work as a unit, pushing from left to right, backwards and forwards as one.

This is shown in our animation below.

Each player appeared to know their role, and when one player moved, the whole team moved with them.

If one of the lines was broken through, the next line would work hard not ot be and this frustrated Seattle and forced them to play backwards or sideways a lot of the time as they could not find a way through.

Organisationally, it was really well executed, as you can see from the video below.

Timbers will need to execute their defensive strategy well as a place in the MLS Cup is up for grabs.

They take on a Sporting KC side who are strong offensively and looking to reach another Final.

Globall Coach can be used to analyse your opposition and break down features of their game, like the way we have done here. It can also be used to communicate your tactical and coaching points to your players.

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Paul Harper