FC Barcelona's Clever Free Kicks And Inter's Innovative Defending

In the Champions League tie between FC Barcelona and Internazionale, we saw some clever free kicks and some great defending of them, which we have demonstrated with the use of the Globall Coach software.

The first free kick which caught our eye was just before half time. Barcelona had a shooting opportunity and placed a host of attackers into the defensive wall, therefore blocking the view of the goalkeeper.

In total, there were 14 players in between the goalkeeper and the ball, making it nearly impossible for him to be able to see where it was going until it had crossed past those players.

The Barca players moved away as Phillippe Coutinho struck the ball, creating a gap for him to try and find, as the Globall Coach animation demonstrates below.

Barcelona then had another free kick during the second half in a similar position.

The set up was similar to the previous one, with plenty of attacking players blocking the view of the goalkeeper.

This time, we want to look at the Inter defending, and they’d clearly done their homework on Barcelona’s direct free kicks.

Number 77 Marcelo Brozovic slid in behind the wall and lay down as Luis Suarez struck the ball.

This time, rather than trying to find the gap in the wall as Coutinho had tried earlier, Suarez tries to sneak it underneath the jumping wall only for the ball to strike Brozovic who was laid on the floor. It deflected wide for a corner, so the tactic saved his team from conceding a goal.

In the first example, Brozovic had also put himself in that position behind the wall, so Inter knew that Barca could try to place the free kick shot under the defensive wall at some point.

With teams being more and more innovative at set pieces, they are becoming a more and more important part of the game.

Globall Coach software, with its world leading animation feature, is the perfect tool to get those innovative ideas out of your head to demonstrate and communicate the idea to your players.

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Paul Harper