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Rafa Benitez
manager, real madrid

"Globall Coach allows me to create animations in minutes where in the past it would have taken days. I think the next generation of coaches will have a different attitude to technology as they are using it in their everyday life. The key is allowing the technology to help increase your skills and ability as this is how coaches and managers will be successful."

Peter Vermes
head coach, Sporting Kansas City

"Globall Coach has improved our daily practices. It is able to house all of our training sessions, making the process of planning and reviewing sessions much simpler and accessible for all our first team and academy coaches. The ease that all our staff can access this information makes the software a very valuable asset in our development as a club."

Barry Gorman
Soccer consultant

"Globall Coach helps greatly in quickly preparing coaching sessions, as well as coach education presentations that are clearly understood. Globall Coach will be the coaching and educational presentation benchmark for years to come."

Trae Manny
Goalkeeping coach, Chicago Red Stars

"In Globall Coach we found a product and support team we could interact with; it helps us present information to our players in a simple, visual medium. As a growing organisation, the developments and synergies that Globall Coach brings to the Chicago Red Stars are crucial; as we fight for our place at the top of the table, it’s vital to keep all our staff connected."

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